Pro Guidance To Start In Power Supply Repairing And Troubleshooting

The very first thing that you need to keep in mind while repairing an SMPS is nothing as per the structure. Everything is dependent on the structure of the SMPS, and if you understood the structure, it would be very easy for you to repair it. There are a lot of things in the SMPS body which are prone to damages and burning out. Therefore, you should read out carefully about the parts which are more prone to damages.

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With complete knowledge of the structure of the SMPS, it will be a lot easier for you to repair and check if it is working in the right way. There are some very important tricks that you can use to check the working of SMPS. We are going to mention some tips for helping people get a start in power supply repairing and troubleshooting.

The light bulb trick

One of the best tricks to check if the SMPS you have is working correctly or not is the light bulb trick. The only thing you need to have is a light bulb circuit with output and input wire. Connect both the wires into the input and output sockets of the SMPS and check if the electricity is flowing properly through the SMPS.

Capacitor check

There are many capacitors in an SMPS that you can check in order to know if it is working right or not. There are several characteristics that are shown by the capacitors when they break out. They get evaporated and dry out completely when the liquid electrolyte inside the company instance to stop working.

No output and blown fuse

One of the most important characters of your SMPS having a problem is that there will be no output from it, and the fuse will be blown. In such cases, there is no problem with the IC, but rectifier diodes. When you have this problem, the SMPS will start giving slow reflexes. It will respond slower to the power on switch. You will have to replace the rectifier diodes so that it can start working normally again.

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