Types Of Iron Man Armors That You Can Make At Home

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During the whole Marvel series, iron man has used a lot of suits of different types with different features. One of the main reasons for the popularity of Ironman among people is the types of suits that it wears in its movies. There are various types of suits that Ironman has used in its movies, and if you are willing to prepare some of them at home, you will have to know about them in detail.

In the beginning, the suit was designed by iron man in his first movie, which was name was Mark 1. If you are the one who is willing to make an iron man suit at home, you will obviously need to know that these armors won’t make you fly like in the comics or movies though, but will make you feel like you are really in iron man. Here are some of the necessary details about the Iron man suits that were shown in the movies in the early stages.

Mark I

The first Ironman suit was shown in the first series by an iron man movie which was named as Iron man. The name of the suit was Mark one, and it was created by Tony Stark, who is the lead role in the movie. The suit was immune to small arms like AK-47 and M2 rifles, but it was vulnerable at the back and knees.

Mark II or War Machine Mark I

The second suit designed by Tony Stark in the Ironman movie series was Mark II or war machine mark I. It was the model of the iron man suit in which the design was iconic, and it has improved flight capabilities. There was also a heads up display and repulsors. It was the first to possess a built-in arc reactor.

Mark III

In the first movie itself, Tony Stark designed the third suit, which was named as Mark III. There were several revolutions made in the suit, which includes fixing the freezing problem by changing the suit to gold titanium alloy. Make sure that when you are buying a costume, it looks exactly like the real one.

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